Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh the holidays...

I absolutely love christmas time.  The lights, the tree, 97.1, and most importantly, COOKIES!  Between my sister and I, I feel like we definitely gave Paula Deen a run for her money... which is why I decided to make her as a gingerbread cookie.  We baked cookies, cupcakes, bread, biscotti, brownies, even gingerbread houses.  Yes, not just one house, but two.  Okay, maybe we got a little carried away, but seriously what are you supposed to do with free time on your hands?

yes, this is Paula Deen...
in gingerbread form

the gingerbread

we started to run out of
candy to decorate with...
so we improvised a little.

the backyard, with
a playground of course.

peppermint mini cupcakes
with chocolate ganache.

thumbprint cookies with
raspberry preserves.

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