Sunday, December 19, 2010


I owe my entire cake-pop-making to Becca Jackson.

Without her, I would never know how to make these ADDICTING bite-sized pieces of heaven.


With that said, I dedicate these to her...

Becca taught me all I know.  Bake the cake, cut around the edges, crumble cake, mix in frosting, shape pops, refrigerate, coat in chocolate, and decorate!

When I came home for break, my sister had cake mix and frosting left over from her final (I want to take that final, what the hec? haha), so I decided to make cake pops!

These ones are vanilla with vanilla frosting, unlike the apple cake pops Becca and I baked last year when we won the Invisible Children Bake-off (they were chocolate).

Since they were vanilla, I decided to call them snowballs.  I also made some stars!

Cake pops take a little time to make, but if you have the patience for them, they are so worth it in the end!!!

Here's the cake pop recipe again!


1 box cake mix (I used vanilla) + whatever the cake calls for
1/2 can frosting (I used vanilla)
Candy melts (or melting chocolate)
Cake pop sticks
Sprinkles (or whatever you want to decorate with)
1 block green styrofoam (found at any craft store)

Bake cake as directed on box.
Once baked and cooled, cut around outer edges of cake, and cut cake into quarters.  
Remove top layer of cake and crumble cake into a large bowl.
Once the entire cake is crumbled, mix 1/2 a can of frosting with the cake.
Mix until combined, then form into desired shape.
Refrigerate cake pops overnight to make sure cake pops stick together.
The next day, melt chocolate over stove in a double broiler (or microwave).
Dip cake pop sticks into chocolate and insert about halfway into pops.
Once all cake pops have a stick, start dipping pops into chocolate.
Sprinkle/decorate as desired, then place in green styrofoam to allow to dry.

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