Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

What do doughnuts and fireworks have in common?

New Year's at my parents house.

This Christmas I got a sweet doughnut pan and mix from my future brother & sister-in-law, and I had to try them out last night.  Maybe it will become a New Year's tradition?  Doughnuts on NYE, anyone?!  

It's looking like it, because these doughnuts were a hit!  Especially for Isaac.

Do you have any New Year's traditions?  I think this might become one of ours.

The mix was simple - just add some milk, butter, and 1 egg, then roll the baked doughnuts in some powdered sugar.  I also sprinkled some with cinnamon-sugar- even more delicious!!

I can't wait to try out some more doughnut recipes and blog all about them! 

Happy New Year!  I hope it's sweet and filled with lots of excitement!  I can't believe it's 2014!  So much is in store this year- and I can't wait :)

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