Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Words

I just married my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have no words to describe it.

When people ask, I find myself saying something like "It was an incredible day!" or "It felt like a dream!" But truth is, it was so much more than that.  There were so many emotions experienced all at once, I find it hard to put into words.

It's mostly excitement, mixed with a sense of relief, lots of love, giddiness,  and joy.  Most of all, it's kind of mind-blowing to think that all of this excitement, joy, happiness, and giddiness I felt is only a taste of what it will feel like one day seeing Jesus for the first time in Heaven. Talk about overwhelming.

I keep reliving this day over and over in my mind.  It truly was an unforgettable day of worlds colliding, people celebrating, and lots of smiling.  One of my favorite moments from the ceremony was standing there, looking at Isaac, but then suddenly thinking and realizing just who was sitting behind us -- family friends from childhood, extended family, immediate family, cousins we've grown up with, best friends, old teachers, former co-counselors... talk about smiling.  big time :)

Before I forget to write these down, here are some of my favorite parts of the day:

  • NO RAIN! -- the forecast had called for thunderstorms all week until the morning of.  This was truly a gift and probably my favorite one out of the whole wedding.  A true answer of prayer.
  • Floral (bow)ties -- Isaac wore a floral bow tie and my dad wore a tie of the same print.  We gave it to him as a Christmas gift back in December :)
  • The MOH and Best Man speeches - made by my sister and Isaac's best friend, Wes.  Both made me laugh and cry
  • The bunting!!!!! -- This was my main DIY project for the wedding and I could stare at them all day hanging from those rafters!
  • THE CAKES --  Yes, I said cakeS.  We had five.  And they were ah-mazing!!!  SweetHaus holds a big place in my heart, and it was so special for our cakes to made by no one but my baking fam :)
  • DJ Nolan --  We had a former co-counselor who happens to also be a killer DJ mix at our wedding.  He also used to DJ all the camp dances where Isaac and I met, so it was only appropriate :)
  • Meredith McKee -- a great friend and sorority sister.  She means a lot to me. See below!
  • Elly Taura -- what would we do without Elly Taura?  She is one of my absolute best friends and is incredibly talented when it comes to... really anything.  Elly designed our wedding invitation and program cover AND helped shoot our wedding video!  

So yes, overall the day was incredible -- a little overwhelming; it felt like a dream.  But again, it was so much more than that...I wish I could be more articulate.  I'm leaving that up to my new husband now. He's far more articulate than I am ;)

Here are some pics from the day that we've just gotten from our photographer, Meredith McKee!!!  Meredith is a good friend and former sorority sister, so it was extra special to have her fly all the way from Seattle (!!) to shoot our wedding.

And even though I have no words, I have many pictures, and many, many memories of this truly wonderful day!!!

I promise I'll post a recipe, soon!!! Stay tuned :)

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